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      Fuqing referred to as "melting", is located in the central hub of the Economic Zone in Fujian Province and Fuzhou, the capital of central cities South Wing, is an ancient and young city. As early as 4,000 years ago in the late Neolithic, there are our forefathers in this land flourish. AD 699 home county, in December 1990 it became a city, has jurisdiction over 20 towns a street, city field a total area of 2430 square kilometers, of which 1519 square kilometers land area, population 1.217 million, is the first comprehensive reform of the national pilot counties and cities, the pilot counties and cities in the country villages and towns.
Fuqing regional characteristics
The first is rich in mountain and ocean resources. Fuqing mountainous northwest, southeast coastal. Mountainous area of 102 hectares, rich in loquat, longan, litchi, etc. 4:00 good fruit; shallow beach 92 acres, stocked with mussel, clams, oysters, fish, shrimp and other seafood treasures; and a large reservoir of mineral resources. Fuqing coastline of 348 kilometers, accounting for 13% of the province, built in Hong Kong favorable conditions, can be built 5-30 million tons of deep-water berths of over 100 fine. Has now completed 5000 Rongqiao tonnage container terminal, 3-ton Yuanhong universal dock, 5-ton Jiangyin Port Area No. 1 berth container terminal, under construction along with Yuan Hung terminal 2, Jiangyin Port 2,3 Berth and thermal power projects and other professional terminal, a national class open port.
Second, the region in a unique position. State Road and Fuquan longitudinal north-south highway to the capital of Fuzhou and Fuqing and Sha Zhangquan such as the province's most economically dynamic regions together into one. East, the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan's Hsinchu City Jinju recent Department and 84 sea miles, Fujian Province to Taiwan, an important window for foreign cooperation and exchange.
Third, a number of love Xiangxian up. Fuqing who is known as love dare to fight to win, Chongqing re-defined ethos. Existing overseas Chinese and new immigrants in more than 780,000 located in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, Australia, Africa and other 112 countries and regions, as well as nearly 10 Wan-yu Rong children active in the main battle field all over the country's economic construction. Majority of overseas-rich folks did not forget the benefit of their homes, or go back to donated public service, investing in factories, or actively matchmaking help to attract investments to the Fuqing contribution to economic development and social progress, outstanding, meritorious deeds to Wei.
    Fourth, human Sheng Ji meets. The territory of a state 4A-class tourist scenic spot Shizhu Shan, one of Japan's three Buddhist birthplace of 10000 cases of Huang Bo Temple, Southern Shaolin Temple ruins, Lingshi National Forest Park, as well as state-level key cultural relics Swedish rock Buddha statues and many other attractions. Fuqing is "bare-faced look at the world the first person to" national hero Lin's ancestral home, ZHENG Xia, leaves a large number of distinguished historical figures to the higher, in order to jade melt koup won the "literature the name states" in the world.